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Topanga Wild Romantic Bouquet
Garden Fairy Bouquet
True Love Bouquet
  • So much more! We can include some amazing gifts and teas with your delivery!

    From an extensive selection of Tarot decks, to bulk herbs and Teas, Local Topanga Honey and other delights. Everything to do with Flower to the People.

    Unusual gifts 
  • An ever evolving selection of Tarot from the finest artists

    Feel free to call and ask what’s available and ready to ship or deliver!

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Welcome to Flower Power Topanga

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The ABSOLUTE FRESHEST direct from the Farm - Cut Flowers arrive daily and are always changing! Organic Medicinal Herbs, Tinctures, Essential Oils, Tea Blends and Remedies, Tarot and magic galore, and NOW Maiden Topanga Organic Ice cold Beverages!

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